Horse AND Large Animal Burial Service

Horse Burial Service

The horses are buried in a wide canyon with a year-round creek running nearby and forest land bordering on 3 sides. It is quiet and accessible only from our farm. We encourage owners to visit the farm and the grave site of their horse by simply calling to arrange a convenient time. Please note that we have no cell phone service on the farm so it is best to leave a message on the home phone first. We check for messages frequently throughout the day. 









Pickup and Burial

Rates vary depending on the circumstances.  When we bring our boom truck, load the horse and transport it back to the farm the rates start at $275. Mileage fees are added depending on the distance from the farm, but please contact us for a quote.

Burial only

If you are interested in burial services and you have a way to load and transport your animal after it has died at home,  the fee is $125. You may even work it out to meet the veterinarian for euthanasia on site, and we take care of the rest.





Article in the
Eugene Register-Guard.

Byline: Tim Christie The Register-Guard

"The call comes in the morning, after a cold, wet night, and David Heidt asks a few questions, writes down an address and climbs into his big, white, truck-turned-horse-hearse.

He drives out to a farm, where he finds a horse lying on the ground, dead." . .  (Read more...)






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