About Us


Omega Farms is located near Noti, Oregon (between Eugene and Florence) and consists of almost 400 acres of farm and forest land. Our goal is to provide horse owners a respectful and economical choice in taking care of their equine friends after they die. We understand first hand how difficult these arrangements can be and strive to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Before embarking on the adventure of running this business we had 2 mares in their 30’s. When the vet was out for some routine care we questioned him about knowing when it was “time.” Since we had ample ground and even a backhoe it wasn’t an issue as to what we would do afterward, but we asked him what other people do. He said there were not many choices in our area and went on to suggest that maybe we could offer people an alternative. What a crazy idea! - or was it?

By the time we had the business set up, those 2 mares were both gone, but not far, and we have been burying horses for clients in the Lane County area since 2004. Each horse is buried individually and the site mapped for future reference.  It is not a cemetery per se as there are no grave markers, but we know where each horse is located. The area is eventually returned to farm use as pasture or hay ground. We adhere to all state and local laws regarding the transportation and burial of animals. The horses are not altered in any way except the removal of shoes when necessary.

We are a family business, but the family is in a state of flux as can be expected when kids grow up. Nolan is in the Marine Corp Reserves.  Living nearby and sometimes picks up smaller animals for us.  Emily completed her linguistics degree and is finishing an internship at World Hunger Relief near Waco, Texas, to be followed by another intern position with Christian Veterinary Mission in Uganda. She hopes to live in Africa and teach sustainable agriculture and livestock techniques.   Kiera is in high school and loves anything to do with horses. She sometimes accompanies David on calls, answers the phone and takes messages. Marta may help on calls when two people are needed, as well as handling the scheduling and bookkeeping.


A portion of the proceeds from each animal that we bury goes toward helping those living in extreme poverty. We support 8 sponsored children in 4 different countries and also give toward the digging of clean water wells in the African country of Burkina Faso, that Marta and Emily were privileged to visit in 2010.